Regular Backups: Why and How

It's essential to regularly back up your settings and inventory to safeguard against potential data loss.

What’s Included in a Backup?

A backup file encompasses all your program settings and inventory, which includes workpieces, materials, zero points, tools, and more. This file is particularly useful if you want to ensure continuity in your work or share your setup with others—for instance, a teacher setting up a predefined environment for students.

Creating a Backup File:

Follow these simple steps to secure your settings:

1. Navigate to the Settings menu and select Program Settings.

2. In the Settings Editor, click on Files and then select Save settings.

3. Choose a desirable location for the backup file and click Save.

Restoring from a Backup:

To restore your settings, follow the same steps as above but choose Load settings instead of save.

⚠️ Important Warning: When restoring settings from a backup, all current settings will be replaced. Ensure that you wish to proceed before loading a backup to avoid unintended loss of current configurations.

By maintaining regular backups, you ensure that your settings and inventory are preserved and easily accessible, enhancing your workflow and productivity.