As the popularity of the CNCSimulator Pro software has grown so much, the amount of license reminder emails we have to send each day has become a burden to our servers. We have therefore decided to stop sending these emails. Users of the free version will have to login to their account to manually order the petrol mail in order to reactivate their licenses. Make sure you have your password stored. 

Reorder your Petrol email.

You can order it from the License Manager. You will need the password for your account (this is the password we sent you when you registered the CNCSimulator the first time). If you have lost it, you need to reset it from the following page: Reset Password.

Now, go to the License Manager and login with your email and password. You will see a list of licenses that you have registered on your account (one or several depending on how many computers you have installed the CNCSimulator on). For all expired licenses, there will be a button to resend the petrol email. You can also send it to an alternative email address, in case you have problem receiving emails from us.

Reactivate the CNCSimulator.

Ok fine, you now have the email.

The code that is generated when the CNCSimulator expire is valid for 14 days. If it is too old, you will see a message saying “Error: Non existing fuel code” when you try to reactivate. In that case, see “Reorder your Petrol email” above.

Now, drag the mouse over the code in your petrol email so that it becomes selected, then right-click on it and select “Copy to clipboard”. The code looks something like this “d8e34551-5192-4aa1-ade7-4a12eaa131a1”.

Go to the Petrol Station and right-click inside the “Petrol code” textbox and select Paste. Finally, click the button “Full tank please!”. You should see a message telling you that the CNCSimulator is reactivated. You can now start the CNCSimulator!