Upon order, you have received a code from us. If not, please contact support and we will send you a code.

The auto-generated code you get upon online order can be used only once. It is then spent and cannot be reused.

If you need to reactivate the license on another computer or if you have lost the installation on your computer,

please contact support to get another code.

Open CNC Simulator Pro and go to the Help menu. Click on Activate License.

Paste the code in the License string field. Click on OK.

If your license has already expired you will not be able to go to the help menu, instead, you will see a dialog at start-up asking if you want to open the settings. Select Yes and paste the code in the “License string” field and click the Apply button.

Restart the program.

Now, open the Help menu again and click on "About CNC Simulator Pro".

The last line in the window should read "Platinum Edition".