In the Tools menu, under Helpers, you find the Arc Calculator. This tool is made to make it easy for you to calculate arcs. This is an alternative to drawing the arc in SimCam and have the program generated for you. This tool can be used for lathes, cutters, and milling machines.

Consider the drawing below. Open a lathe machine and create a stock workpiece with the dimensions X60, Z108 (85+23 for the chuck). This tutorial is made in millimeters.



Click the "Insert at cursor" button.


Type in the following blocks to get a tool and position it.


Now, let us add blocks to follow the contour up to the start of the arc.


Simulate the program.



As you can see on the drawing, we know the radius, start, and endpoint of the arc but we do not have any information about its center. Not a problem! Let us use the Arc Calculator tool.


Click on Tools - Helpers - Arc Calculator.


As you can see, the start point has already been filled in for us. The Calculator uses the current tool position as the start position. This is why we want you to simulate the start position before opening the tool. It is all about convenience!

Now, from the drawing, we can see that the end of the arc is at X54, Z51. We type these values together with the radius. We also make sure the direction switch is at Clockwise rotation.


As soon as we type in the radius, the Arc Calculator Tool calculates the block for us.

Click on the "Insert at cursor" button to send the block to the editor.

Now we can manually add the ending blocks.



That is all! We hope you see how this tool can solve many problems for you.