When you order the simulator our system will automatically create a license string and send it to your registered email. This string is a one-time key to activate your license on your computer the first time.

If you for any reason did not receive the license string there is no need to worry. We can quickly help you get your license tied to your computer manually. As the license string is for one-time registration only, the same goes if you want to move your license to another computer. We cannot send you a new license string but we are happy to help you do it manually.

This is what you need to do first if you have not already installed it (otherwise skip to step number 5).

1. Download and install the latest version on your computer. You can find it here: Download (cncsimulator.com) 

2. Start the program. You will see the registration form.

3. If you do not already have an account, fill out the information in the form.

IMPORTANT: If you have an account click on the link "No thank you, I already have an account..."

In the case you clicked the link to add this license to your existing account, you will see a login form.

Type in your account email and the password you used when you created the account. The computer name is not important and does not have to be the same as you typed in before, you can type anything but we suggest you put in a name that will help you remember what computer this is in the future. For example "Mike's desktop DELL PC".

If you have forgotten the password, you can use the link on the form to reset it. We can also help you do that in case you need assistance.

4. Restart the program.

5. Send us your license ID and we will help you activate your paid license on that computer.

For instructions on how to find the license ID, see this article:

Where can I find the license ID?