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Company name: Techromic Solutions SA

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Costa Rica, America Central

Phone: Not official

Tax ID number (Cedula Juridica): 3-101-455317


Techromic Solutions SA was formed in October 2007 with the sole purpose of developing and sales of industrial CNC simulation software. The company is focused on offering CNC-related solutions for workshops, hobbyists, and educational institutes all over the world. All sales, support, and other types of contact and communication are handled via the website and the web-based helpdesk where users and customers can get help quickly from experienced support specialists. The company does not accept checks, letters, fax, and other items sent to the physical address nor do they offer telephone support or personal visits. The company address can be used for administrative purposes only. 

Company presentation:

Techromic Solutions SA is the sole developer of the well-known product CNC Simulator Pro that is used by companies, hobbyists, schools, and universities all over the world. The company is a modern global direct selling online-based business with in-house sales and support. 

The idea of CNCSimulator Pro is to provide the CNC community with a versatile and contemporary Full 3D CNC Machine Simulator with CAD/CAM capabilities. CNC Simulator Pro is for everyone with an Internet connection and a PC with the Windows operating system. In the simulator, you find different types of machines like Milling machines, Routers, Hobby machines, Lathes, Cutters, 3D printers, and more. On the website, you will find many tutorials, examples, videos, and help articles that will aid in getting you started.

Despite its name, CNC Simulator Pro is so much more than just a great CNC simulator. It is also a modern CAD/CAM system, an advanced CNC programming editor, a 3D model milling software, a gear creator, a training tool, and much more. Over the years, CNC Simulator Pro has become a whole suite of combined software tools for CNC people!

The product has been sold and developed since the early nineties and is a constantly evolving software.

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