For CNC Simulator Pro version 2.5 and later.

First of all, you need to open the menu editor. Follow these steps:

1. Click "Cmd Prompt" in the View menu.

You will see a black command line window.

Type editmnus and press enter.

You will see a menu editor window. 

There are 3 different menus you can edit. You can see them under File - "Open Current Menu".

The one at the top called SimCam Main is the main menu in SimCam.

The Context menu is the menu you see when you click on an object.

Finally, the Shortcut menu is the one you see when you right-click the drawing surface.

Now, I will show you how to make translations to the main menu. 

Click the "SimCam Main" option in the "Open Current Menu".

At the bottom of the Menu Editor, click the "Expand All" button.

You will now see a tree with many items.

Click on each line and type in a translated text in the Text field. Click the Update button for each one to save the change.

When you are done, do not forget to save the menu using "File" - "Save Menu".

At any time, you can close the editor (after saving your changes) and go to SimCam to have a look at the menus you have translated.

For a complete translation of the SimCam menus, translate all three menus, save them and send the files to us.