Please email support. We simply do not offer telephone support as we are an Internet based worldwide selling company. Offering hotline telephone support would take up far too much resources and we would have to stop with free licenses and raise prices on all other licenses to be able to offer this service.  Also, we believe that email is a much more effective way to give support. One can attach documents, examples, and pictures. The support technician gets time to investigate the issue properly before he or she gives an answer and more users can be helped at the same time, to name a few reasons.

We put a lot of effort in making tutorials, online-help and e-learning courses to help our users. We are also quick on replying to support emails under normal load workdays.

If you cannot accept this, and want to be able to speak directly over phone with the company that delivers your software at the instant you get a problem, then it is better you do not use CNCSimulator Pro. There are others out there that offers both CAD/CAM and simulation software and also telephone support.